So since we last caught up, a lot of stuff has happened.

These are the good bits:

I graduated as a Leiths Trained Chef (yaaassss!), I moved out of my little student flat, I moved into a new flat, I started working freelance, I experienced a little ‘Christmas in July’, tested dozens of recipes, got a job as a private chef on an island for three weeks in August, made some amazing plans, then had to cancel the plans in favour of an even more amazing opportunity, and one of my best friends moved out of London and started her new job as a private chef in a fancy manor (Congrats Jesse, we love you little one!).


…and then the not so good bits:

Brexit. (Need I say more?) Crappy British weather, and my other best friend had her visa approved, and booked her one way flight to Australia to work as a restaurant chef in vibrant, foodie Melbourne.  In fairness, if I had a venn diagram, this one would go in the middle, but I’m a whiny, needy friend and I don’t want her to go.

To me it feels like a breakup. I’ve told her this, tried to beg her to take me with her, cried heartbroken tears on her shoulder over an underground barrier, (plenty of strange glances from miserable looking commuters) and wept to various other friends, family members and boyfriend about it.

I’m prone to overreacting,and perhaps being a little melodramatic. I know.

But she’s leaving me. My therapist (and my patient), my brunch buddy, my endless supply of Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc, my sofa to crash on after a few too many gins in Infernos, and the one I can always count on for some spontaneous fun. Who else am I going to get to feed me on a weeknight when my bank balance says no, and I haven’t got round to washing up the singular pan and plate in my flat? Who else is going to get drunk on a boat in Central London with me and stay out till 2 when we have to go to a fish market at 5 the following morning?




The issue is, I make friends with skinny, organised people. Its how I run my life. (totally recommend it, works wonders and much cheaper than hiring a PA and a PT) And the most organised one is leaving. Now I will probably become obese and fall into complete disarray. (I feel a little of the melodramatic Liv creeping back..)

Sarah, if you’re reading this, I’m over the moon for you, you’ll have an amazing time, however I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do without you.  But go and set Melbourne on fire, girl! (probably not literally, they have way too many bush fires in Oz, and don’t need your crazy ass destroying their cities too)

Bring me back some kangaroo steak and we’re all good, and don’t you dare stay for more than a year, or I’m coming after you. That’s a threat if you ever read one.


Have a great week foodies, and let your friends know you love them.

Love and tearful hugs





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