As this is my very first blog post, I thought I should make it about something scrummy!

About 6 weeks ago, my lovely mum and I took my granny on holiday to Robin Hoods Bay in the North Yorkshire Moors to celebrate her 80th birthday. Whilst we were sat in our holiday cottage one evening I picked up a copy of Yorkshire Life and started flicking through the pages. (Despite being Lancashire born and raised, and now living the life of a southerner in Buckinghamshire, Mums heart is in Yorkshire, and its her favourite magazine, apart from maybe Country Living…)

I came across the heart warming tale of a fellow foodie, turned businesswoman, Philippa Quayle who turned some TV inspiration into a successful and absolutely delicious business – The Art of Mallow.

Philippa now makes handmade marshmallows in her purpose built kitchen at her home in Leeds, and the delectable sweet treats have an impressive range of stockists- from local farm shops and delicatessens, to the Houses of Parliament shop in London.

I decided to give these little beauties a try as I have (conveniently) been craving marshmallows for months. 

So, a few days ago I ordered two packets of soft, sweet Mallows from the online shop on Philippas website. Choosing flavours proved to be a tricky business. I opted first for the Salted Caramallow flavour. Easy.  (I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for anything salted caramel.)  But the second choice was much harder – a toss up between Bravo Cappuccino, Utterly Coconutty and A Right Raspberry Ripple.

In the end, The Raspberry Ripple won out- I saw swayed by its little sticker proclaiming its ‘Great Taste Award’. The Mallows were on their way.


So yesterday these little delights arrives, packaged beautifully in retro packaging with a handwritten note. I just had to try them, so cup of coffee in hand, and new Nikon D3200  (ohhh yeah. Its only taken me three years to buy a decent camera!) around my neck, I began tasting and shooting. I had already eaten a third before I remembered to take a photo!

Needless to say, I was impressed. These are like no shop-bought marshmallow your tastebuds have encountered before. Soft, billowy clouds of sweetness, no run-of-the-mill Haribo Pink and White Marshmallow generic taste. These mallows had serious flavour!  The raspberry was tangy and the salted caramel sweet and salty. Delicious.

They are just perfection. Each one has a slightly cracked top where the mallow has set, and each has a slightly powdery texture on the outside. They are not sticky, or chewy, just perfectly light, soft, almost creamy and squidgy. (yes, I can use that word!) They have well and truly earned their gourmet reputation!

So if you are bored of the same old sickly sweet marshmallows you find in the supermarkets, or you are looking for a posh sweet for a posh coffee break, or even just a lovely, adorable present for friends and family (they do wedding favours too, I just hope I can still order some when it comes to my wedding day! *dreams* ), you should order some Mallows from Philippa. You won’t be disappointed!

L   xx

Order Here: 

Yorkshire Life Feature:

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